We are Dreamcoaster

Hello Dreamcoaster, goodbye Dreams of empire

We’ve made a big decision to change our name to Dreamcoaster from today and escape any unintentional negative interpretation of our old name.

When we started DoE 3 years ago, the name jumped out from an old saying meaning “the aimless longing for glory”, which perfectly summed up our zero-expectations venture into the world of writing and performing music.

But it’s increasingly apparent that “empire” is the wrong word. We’d be devastated if anyone misinterpreted our name as a reference to the racist, oppresive British Empire or worse still thought we had some related political view point.

So here’s a fresh start with a fresh name, inspired by our continued fascination with dreams, our love of the dreampop genre and a nostalgic hint to the infamous 1992 Rollercoaster tour which we caught in Brighton, featuring two huge influences for us: My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

We’ll be updating everything as soon as we can, so stay in touch for live dates and record news over the next few months.


Andrew & Jane x