new single coming – 26 april

we’re launching our fourth single on 26 april. it’s called northern lights and it’s everything dreams of empire are about – jane’s dreamy vocals against andrew’s crashing guitar backdrop.

it’s a song about life’s unknowns and a caution not taking anything at face value.

the cover shot was taken by us in finland on a frozen lake under the northern lights. there’s unmistakable tension between the beautiful frozen surroundings and the deep dark beneath our feet.

northern lights was recorded mainly at home, but with vocals recorded in a studio in brighton. we’ve mastered at 24 bits so you should get an amazing sound, especially if you get the high res download from bandcamp.

as well as bandcamp, northern lights will be available on spotify, soundcloud, apple, itunes, youtube, deezer, tidal, amazon, google play. pretty much everywhere digital. hopefully we’ll get the momentum to do a physical release soon.

enjoy northern lights and expect more releases very soon. thanks for your support x